Investigating the pedagogical environments of paper-based and online media


  • Tríona Hourigan University of Limerick
  • L. Murray University of Limerick



Pedagogy, Language Learning, Paper-based media, French language teaching


The investigation of both paper-based and virtual pedagogical environments allows us to reflect upon the diverse range of material available to the language learning community today. In this paper, the significance of the cultural component in language learning will be discussed firstly, highlighting its crucial role with regard to the promotion of tolerance and understanding between diverse cultures. Secondly, a number of FLE (Français Langue Erangère) manuals will be analysed in terms of the transmission of cultural data. The study will then conclude with an examination of examples of online environments which reflect an alternative medium for the acquisition of information on the target language and culture.




How to Cite

Hourigan, T., & Murray, L. (2019). Investigating the pedagogical environments of paper-based and online media. TEANGA, the Journal of the Irish Association for Applied Linguistics, 22, 1–15.